#actsofkindness at RMS

Richland Middle School head custodian Sylvia DeLos Santos was recently recognized with a Chick-Fil-A gift card. The gift was given in memory of Steve Damm who would have turned 50 on Nov. 4. His life was cut short by brain cancer, but his legacy continues thanks to his wife and her two children. Every year since his passing, they celebrate his birthday with #actsofkindness. Mrs. Santos is certainly deserving. She keeps Richland Middle School clean and always does everything with a smile. #rmsrocks #rmspride #richlandrams #richlandmiddleschool #bisdshines #50actsofkindness

Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP): Seventh-Grade Talent Search


Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically gifted and talented students. Duke TIP works with students, their families, and educators to identify, recognize, challenge, engage, and help students reach their highest potential. Now in its 36th year, the seventh-grade talent search identifies bright seventh-graders based on standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school. Candidates are invited to take the ACT or the SAT college entrance exams as seventh-graders, which allows them greater insight into their academic abilities. In addition, they gain valuable benefits and have access to unique resources for gifted students.

The following Birdville ISD students qualified for state recognition by scoring at or above the national average of recent high school graduates on at least one part of the ACT or the SAT.

  • Luis Gonzalez, Haltom Middle School
  • Joshua Grantham, North Richland Middle School
  • Erin Powell, North Richland Middle School
  • Mercedes Wacks, North Richland Middle School
  • Trayson Sosa, North Oaks Middle School
  • Fiona Burleson, Smithfield Middle School
  • Ethan Harrah, Smithfield Middle School
  • Kyle Nimon, Smithfield Middle School
  • William Thorne, Smithfield Middle School
  • Trinity Vaughn, Smithfield Middle School
  • Alexander Anderson, North Ridge Middle School
  • Jackson Keefe, North Ridge Middle School
  • Solyn Tidwell, North Ridge Middle School
  • Meredith Turner, North Ridge Middle School

The following Birdville ISD students scored high enough to qualify for grand recognition. Students who qualify at the grand level scored approximately at or better than 90 percent of recent high school graduates on at least one part of the ACT or the SAT. These students are invited to a special recognition ceremony at Duke University. Only about three percent of all the participants in the talent search qualify for grand recognition. This is quite an achievement!

  • Eva Kuderer, Smithfield Middle School
  • Kyle Settelmaier, Smithfield Middle School

Middle School Artists Succeed at Junior VASE Competition


Congratulations to all seven BISD middle school art departments for their participation in this year’s Junior VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event). With more than 1,300 entries from students across multiple districts, BISD had 177 young artists enter 235 artworks for adjudication. Over 75 percent of BISD artworks received a “Superior” rating, with 15 pieces gaining special recognition as Silver Medal winners. Silver Medal winners were:

  • Julia Nguyen – Haltom Middle School
  • Morgan Layfield & Mary Ho – North Richland Middle School
  • Jonathan Pinch – Richland Middle School
  • Mandi Inthalangsy – North Oaks Middle School
  • Kayla Meyers & Aleyna Holcombe – Watauga Middle School
  • Gracyn Conniff, Lauren McMahon, Kairi Merriam, Lauren Moore, Kaylee Rademacher (two pieces), and Yaidmaris Ramos – Smithfield Middle Schoolx
  • Idalyis Bunyavong – North Ridge Middle School

Middle School Band Members Excel at Region Auditions


Congratulations to BISD’s middle school band members that auditioned for placement in the Region 5 middle school region bands. Competing against students from the Mansfield and Arlington school districts, BISD placed almost 100 students in one of the two region bands. These students will perform on Dec. 5 at the Willie Pigg Auditorium in Mansfield ISD.

Region 5 Middle School Band 1

  • Haltom MS:  Matthew Azua, Mateo Deleon, Julia Nguyen, Joseph Nguyen, John Pham, Perla Picon, Madison Sliavongsa and Leonardo Velasquez
  • North Oaks MS:  Ayana Anaya, Alexis Halik, Kevin Le, Hayden Merriman, Chloe Jean Rey, Austin Sundara and Brandon Vu
  • North Richland MSTai Ha, Zoe Harris, Isaiah Knight, Morgan Layfield, Aiden Mata, Elizabeth Mey and Joshua Walz
  • North Ridge MS:  Cole Brown, Ali Gleaves and Josue Martinez
  • Richland MS:  Jacob Fritts, Matthew Fritts, Michelle Galan, Zach Hocker, Laisha Luna, Pedro Medrano, Imanol Ortiz, Gino Pellittieri, Tori Perrin, Mason Rushing, Darryn Salinas, Alyse Stiles, Ben Streeter, Davon Taylor, Catherine Tran and Jasmine Tuetkin
  • Smithfield MS:  Abby Bouchelle, Parker Boyd, Kaylee Rademacher, Jonathan Schirmer, Parker Visage and Greg Ybarra
  • Watauga MS:  Noah Strickland and Andru Wilson

Region 5 Middle School Band 2

  • Haltom MS:  Angel Beltran, Eric Delgadillo, Obed Gonzalez, Travis Visounnaraj and Manuel Govea (alternate)
  • North Oaks MS:  Alyson Grow, Hania Mirza, Sydney Seig and Briana Hacksisombath (alternate)
  • North Richland MS: Michael Britt, Madeline Harris, Sarah Hill, Schuyler Moreno, Steven Nguyen and Julianna Thompson
  • North Ridge MS:  David Beavers, Haley Compton, Cameron Fielding, Chanel Finnikin, Aaron Gieder, Joel Polk, Anthony Rodriguez, Lindsey Wheeler and Marisa Perez (alternate)
  • Richland MS:   Isaiah Aponte, Ana Carranza, Ana Juarez, Damon Lewis, Diego Lozano, Jocelyn Renteria, Matthew Tolbert, Daisy Amaro (alternate) and Javier Cruz (alternate)
  • Smithfield MS:  Cassidy Burris, Rhett Howe, Amie Johnson, Evan Pallanes; Alternates: Lauren Eastman and Lane Henyan
  • Watauga MS:  Alaynna Barkley, Anthony Barrett, Patricia Roberts, Alexis Terrazas and Andrea Phillips (alternate)Bold denotes First chair

Middle School Singers Dominate Region Auditions


Congratulations to BISD seventh- and eighth-grade singers who recently competed at the Region 5 Middle School (MS) Choir auditions. With 29 schools from four different school districts participating, BISD schools dominated the competition by filling almost 50 percent of the coveted region choir chairs. These singers will perform at Martin High School in Arlington at 5 p.m. Nov. 14.  Thanks to the outstanding middle school choir directors and private lesson teachers that helped guide these talented singers.

Region 5 Middle School Concert Tenor Bass Choir

  • North Oaks MS:  Gabe Murphy
  • North Richland MS:  Deondre Fowler, Jarred Gracy, Brandon Johnson, Kingston Leota, Colt Lewellen, Jarod Miller, Alex Owens, Mikel Serpe and Chester Vitug
  • North Ridge MS:  Aaron Jett, Gilbert Morales and Preston Robertson
  • Richland MS: Trevor Mote
  • Smithfield MS:  Michael Aguilera, Joshua Arendse, Nathaniel Blair, Parker Chapman, Keeton Charbonneau, Grayson Cram, Elijah Eastep, Jack Hembree, Cade Jankowski, Joshua Joe, Christian Jordan, Stephen Keil, Logan Lacey, Evan Pallanes, Ethan Robinson, Josue Sanchez, Will Thorne and Giovanni Valforte
  • Watauga MS:  Christian Alcala, Mason Buck, Bobby Kilcrease, James Lyne, Destyn Medina, Noah Strickland, Joshua Vidal and Andru Wilson

Region 5 Middle School Concert Treble Choir

  • North Richland MS:  Maddi Bazuldua, Annalise Esposito, Madeline Harris, Hailey Joseph, Savannah McDonald, Yamileth Mena-Rios, Samantha Orman and Annie Zamora
  • North Ridge MS:  Jaclyn Denson, Maddilin Howell and Sophia Miller
  • Richland MS:  Jocelyn Renteria
  • Smithfield MS:  Abbie Aswad, Ellen Ayers, Rainey Bailey, Amanda Blackburn, Lauren Cram, Emma Dixon, Janelle Henley, Claire Hollingsworth, Katie Loe, Lilly Melson, Bella Patricio, Alyssa Perrin, Lexi Rios, Christi Risenhoover, Lily Tolleson and Sarah Watkins
  • Watauga MS:  Alaynna Barkley, Abigayle Cox, Cristina Del Cristo, Emelina Diaz, Tran Le, Anastasia Lee and Kayla Meyers

Region 5 Middle School Honor Treble Choir

  • Haltom MS:  Catherine Wilson
  • North Oaks MS:  Missy Hawes, Mandi Inthalangsy and AnnaBelle OtwellNorth
  • Richland MS:  Adle Andrade and Simara Peyton
  • North Ridge MS:  Alexis Martinez and Audrey Smith
  • Smithfield MS:  Ellissa Abdo, Arianna Carrasco, Sophie Connolly, Madison Falzett, Abby Fambrough, Maddy Hodges, Jessica Horn, McKenzie Hurst, Mackenzie Patterson, Daisy Robeson, Audrey Roof, Maddie Russell, Mattie Vaughan and Kaitlin Weast
  • Watauga MS:  Renathe Apomolia, Avery Collins, Kaelina Dunn, Aisha Hassan, Bianca Molina, Carolina Portillo and Isabella Suazo