Congratulations to BISD’s 2019 Teachers of the Year!

Congratulations to 2019 Teachers of the Year! Leah Stephenson, Foster Village Elementary, was named Elementary Teacher of the Year; Edith Torres, Haltom Middle School, was named Secondary Teacher of the Year; and Annabel Hodgson, The Academy at C.F. Thomas, was named BISD’s First-Year Teacher of the Year. 

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Congratulations to the 2018 District Teachers of the Year! #BISDShines

2018 District Elementary Teacher of the Year

Maegan Holycross

Snow Heights Elementary

Fourth-Grade Reading and Social Studies

“Teaching should create in each child a deeper understanding of themselves as an individual and with that understanding, foster a vision for the role they can play within their community and perhaps even beyond to the global scene.”



2018 District Secondary Teacher of the Year

Ryan Pabor

North Ridge Middle School

Eighth-Grade Math and Algebra 1

“I want students to see the power of learning and realize that by sharing their knowledge through teaching, they are reinforcing their understanding of a given topic.”


Birdville ISD’s 2018 First-Year Teacher of the Year






Leslie Gamboa

Major Cheney Elementary at South Birdville


“I want my students to know that they will always have a teacher who will care about them and motivate them to succeed despite the obstacles that they face.”

Congratulations to the 2018 Campus Teachers of the Year #BISDShines

  • Lynn DeMoss, Jack C. Binion Elementary
  • Fred Vertrees, Birdville Elementary
  • Nuvia Ramos, Major Cheney Elementary at South Birdville
  • Elizabeth Tanner, Foster Village Elementary
  • Kristie Bui, W.T. Francisco Elementary
  • Diane Grado, Green Valley Elementary
  • Wendy Teague, Grace E. Hardeman Elementary
  • Kimberly Hughes, Holiday Heights Elementary
  • Kevin Hood, AllineMullendore Elementary
  • Gail Stewart, North Ridge Elementary
  • Mindy Anstey, W.A. Porter Elementary
  • Michelle Bertucci, Richland Elementary
  • Julie Herring, David E. Smith Elementary
  • April Mueller, Smithfield Elementary
  • Maegan Holycross, Snow Heights Elementary
  • Todd Chandra, John D. Spicer Elementary
  • Heidi Roese, O.H. Stowe Elementary
  • Tara Greene, Academy at C.F. Thomas
  • Angela Thompson, Walker Creek Elementary
  • Cortney Cooper, Watauga Elementary
  • Maria Marcano, West Birdville Elementary
  • Sarah Barnard, Haltom Middle School
  • Eric Webb, North Oaks Middle School
  • Lindsey Cato, North Richland Middle School
  • Ryan Pabor, North Ridge Middle School
  • Jacob Chastain, Richland Middle School
  • Rob Kirspel, Smithfield Middle School
  • Seini Mila, Watauga Middle School
  • Russell Bywater, Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • Ann Blankenship, Birdville High School
  • Becky Church, Haltom High School
  • Mark Ashley, Richland High School
  • Janet Erlinger, Shannon High School

Congratulations to the 2017 District Teachers of the Year! #BISDShines

2017 District Elementary Teacher of the Year

Kristin Autrey
Grace E. Hardeman Elementary
Fourth-Grade Math and Science

“I want to create empowered and creative learners who will leave my classroom as responsible citizens equipped to be leaders, global competitors, and innovators ready to take on the world.”

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2017 District Secondary Teacher of the Year

Jennifer L. Cruze
Richland High School
AP Biology and Pre-AP Biology

“I feel it is both a blessing and an honor to teach and I am grateful to live such a purpose-filled life.”

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