Birdville ISD Online Summer Reading Program

Blast off Summer Reading with Kids A-Z


Blast Off Summer Reading with Kids A-Z

Description of Program – BLAST Off Summer Reading with Kids A-Z Program:
Every student PreK through Fifth-grade will have access to their online Raz-Kids Account.

Raz kids logo
> Visit site to select appropriate APP to download

Your child’s Raz- Kids login will be sent in a letter from the school the week of May 22.  If you don’t see a letter contact your student’s teacher. The online account will be open during the summer for students to access books on their reading level. Incentives will be awarded to the top three Birdville students who read the most books over the summer. The program will start June 6th and conclude on August 7th.

Prize Incentives:

First prize – Student who spends the most time reading in Raz-Kids will win an iPad Mini

Second prize – $100 gift card

Third prize – $100 gift card

> Click for the Blast Off Summer Reading with Kids A-Z online presentation

My child came home and told me they took a CBA today, what is a CBA and how is it used?


The CBA is a Curriculum-based assessment designed to provide data to the teaching and learning staff to evaluate the effectiveness of the District curriculum. It also provides teachers with valuable feedback on how well the classroom instruction aligns to the standards (TEKS–Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). The CBAs are administered three times per year within English-language arts, reading, math, science, and social studies in grades 2–11.