Birdville ISD Social Media Rules of Engagement

Birdville ISD maintains a social media presence (e.g., Facebook, blog sites) for the benefit of the district community, provided by the Birdville ISD Communications Department. We will update these sites periodically to share important information about BISD and the achievements of the students and staff, as well as other relevant district community information.

BISD site administrators monitor the posting of comments and other information on the District’s websites and social media accounts, and have the ultimate discretion to determine whether a posting is appropriate or inappropriate. A post that is determined to be inappropriate, as further defined by these rules, shall be immediately removed by the district. The intent of this policy is to protect the privacy and rights of BISD staff and students, and to ensure that visitors to the sites are not subjected to inappropriate or offensive content. Site administrators will review all postings to make sure they do not violate these rules, the District’s Acceptable Use of the District’s Electronic Communications Systems policy, and other BISD policies and rules.

A post will be immediately removed if:

  • The post threatens physical violence or is obscene, vulgar, or sexually explicit;
  • The post endorses actions that endanger the health or safety of students or others;
  • The post promotes illegal use of drugs, alcohol, or other controlled substances;
  • The post contains untrue and potentially harmful statements about a person, otherwise identifies a specific person in a defamatory, abusive, or negative way, or violates a person’s privacy;
  • The post itself violates the law or encourages others to do so or advocates imminent lawless or disruptive action and is likely to incite or produce such action;
  • The post contains hate speech or similar language that offensively attacks any group (g., racist, sexist, homophobic) or contains content aimed at creating hostility and violence;
  • The post violates the intellectual property rights of another person (g., do not post all or part of a copyrighted work without the permission of the owner; do not cut and paste images or logos from the Internet that may be protected by copyright or trademark rights);
  • The post is an advertisement for good/services or is “spam,”e., repeatedly posting the same comment(s) for the purpose of advertising/promoting a service or product (if you wouldn’t want to receive it yourself don’t post it);
  • There is reasonable cause to believe that posting the information will result in material and substantial disruption or interference with school activities or the rights of others.

BISD is not responsible for the content posted on these sites by site visitors, and does not endorse any content posted by site visitors. The site administrators reserve the right to remove any posts at any time, for any reason … but we hope that won’t ever be necessary.

If you have a comment or would like to report an inappropriate comment for review, email

These Rules are supported by BISD Board Policies GKDA (Local) and GKB (Local).

Please note: Birdville ISD Communications Departments reserves the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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