Student Safety (Strangers)

safetyzonelogoAs we hear reports in and around our community about students feeling threatened by strangers, BISD wants to remind parents and the community that student safety is something that takes all of us working together. Because the safety of our students is of utmost importance to BISD, it is imperative that we continue to emphasize to our students the necessity of being safe.

Safety education is one of the best defenses in protecting our children. Schools remain among the safest places; however, we must continue our efforts to educate them about personal safety, whether they are on or off campus. Child safety issues concern us all. BISD supports your parental efforts and asks you to take the time to go over the following safety tips with your children:

  • Walk to and from school in groups.
  • Never accept a ride without first getting permission from parents.
  • Never take shortcuts. Always stick to routes selected by parents, and stay on main roads.
  • Never advertise that you are going home alone. If you wear a house key, keep it under your clothing.
  • Have plans for emergency situations and practice them at home with your parents.
  • Have your parents help you make a list of safe places you can go to for help along walking routes.
  • Report all suspicious behavior and “new adult or older friends” to parents.
  • Never leave school with anyone before checking with school officials.

These safety tips were taken from the Run*Yell*Tell, Ltd. anti-victimization program founded by Diana Jones, a national leader for child safety issues.

Working together, we can provide a safe environment for our children.

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