Smithfield Middle School’s Deaf Program Advances to National Battle of the Books Competition

battle of the booksDC photo

Each year, students from BISD’s Regional Day School for the Deaf compete in the Gallaudet Battle of the Books for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. This year, a team of six students from Smithfield Middle School competed and advanced through multiple rounds of the online competition. The team won the opportunity to compete in the final round April 22–25 on the campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Gallaudet University provides education for hearing impaired and some hearing individuals from preschool through graduate school. BISD is proud of these students and their sponsors. #BISDShines

Birdville’s Regional Day School Program for the Deaf’s Inner Rhythm Dance Recital


Approximately 12 deaf & hard of hearing elementary students from Porter Elementary participated in a dance recital after eight weeks of instruction from two of our deaf education teachers who are dancers. The equipment was provided through a BISD Education Foundation Grant, and the costumes were provided through monies from Porter Elementary and Greg Bicknell, principal. The dance instruction was specifically designed to allow/engage our students who do not have the ability to effectively communicate, or who do not have access to sign language interpreters and communication in extracurricular activities outside their regular school day. This was a huge self-confidence boost to the students. It also gave parents of our students from across districts, an opportunity to get to know each other as they wait for their children to finish their instruction. The recital is a culmination of their eight weeks of hard work. The teachers are lending their time for free.